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Yorkie puppies for sale at our adorable yorkie  shelter . Our yorkies make terrific pets but, like all dogs, there are few things prospective Yorkie owners should know before they go looking for Yorkie puppies for sale. First, Yorkies are small, only  3-7 pounds, which means you have to take special precautions when handling them and puppy proofing your home. Second, though nobody can guarantee any dog is entirely hypoallergenic, Yorkies are typically a good choice for people with dog allergies. Also, though Yorkshire Terrier puppies are friendly and affectionate, they have a very large personality that does not always get along with other dogs (especially big dogs) and rowdy children. Like all dogs, Yorkshire terrier puppies need exercise, a nutritious diet and plenty of love and attention from their owners. They also need regular grooming and extra attention during housebreaking and obedience training.Yorkie puppies for sale

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Yorkie Puppies


Yorkie Puppies


Yorkie Puppies


Yorkie Puppies


Yorkie Puppies


Yorkie Puppies


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Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie” puppies, are irresistibly cute and have the ability to melt your heart into a million tiny pieces. But before you run out to your local Yorkshire Terrier rescue group or shelter to bring this adorable pup into your life, there are a few things to know about the breed. Beneath the dainty, glossy, floor-length coat of a Yorkie puppies beats the heart of a feisty, old-time terrier. Yorkies earned their living as ratters in mines and mills long before they became the beribboned lapdogs of Victorian ladies. Buy Oxycodone Online Without Prescription
The Yorkie puppies is a compact, toy-size terrier of no more than seven pounds whose crowning glory is a floor-length, silky coat of steel blue and a rich golden tan. Don’t let the Yorkie’s daintiness fool you. Tenacious, feisty, brave, and sometimes bossy, the Yorkie exhibits all the traits of a true terrier. Often named the most popular dog breed in various American cities, Yorkies pack lots of big-town attitude into a small but self-important package. They are favorites of urbanites the world over. Yorkies are long-lived and hypoallergenic (the coat is more like human hair than animal fur), and they make fine little watchdogs. This is a true ‘personality breed,’ providing years of laughs, love, and close companionship. Yorkie puppies for sale

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